Jade Tips Green Tea (Mao Jian) from Canton Tea Company

Jade Tips Green Tea (Mao Jian) from Canton Tea Company

Jade Tips from Canton Tea Company, closeup

Canton Tea Company describes Jade Tips as growing in the high, cool, misty mountain air of Zhejiang. I noticed that it has many of the hallmarks of a tea that grows in such conditions. The tea leaves are small, likely from being in a colder climate. The tea has a rich, dark green appearance, likely from being on a misty mountainside. The dark green, twisted leaves have a grassy and vegetable scent. The smell however is not overpowering, but the aroma definitely makes itself present. This lends a sense of curiosity as to how it will brew.

Jade Tips from Canton Tea Company, brewing

I decided to brew 6 grams in a 150 ml gaiwan. With green teas, I usually don’t do a tea rinse, and I instead do a slightly longer first infusion. I started the first infusion at about 80 degrees celcius, with a duration of about 20 seconds.  I noticed immediately that the vegetal smell became slightly stronger and a little sweeter.

Liqour of Jade Tips from Canton Tea Company

The pale liqour is on the green, yellow spectrum. Upon tasting, I was surprised that the vegetal taste was not overpowering. Its quite mellow. Just as the initial scent prior to brewing seemed to indicate, the vegetal taste has a very steady presence. This is likely due to the high minerality of the tea. The tea also leaves a very pleasant, sweet aftertaste.

I ended up brewing this tea 7 times, with each infusion being increased by 5 seconds in the first 4 brews, and by 10 seconds after that. I could have kept brewing this more, but I felt content with 7 infusions. Even though this tea is quite mellow, the Jade Tips maintained their sweet, vegetal taste throughout the  the 7 infusions. I felt like I could have brewed this tea even more and the sweet vegetal taste would still make its presence felt.

Final assessment

This is a tea I could enjoy drinking to begin a day, but I’m  not sure I would want to pair it with a meal or with any sweets like chocolate. Its quite mellow but has a steady, sweet vegetal taste that should be enjoyed and not be put into the background by other flavors.

As Canton Tea Company mentioned, its a high-quality green tea  that is surprisingly affordable. I would have to agree with this. It might be a suitable option as a staple drink while one drinks more expensive during the week. Jade Tips from Canton Tea Company was definitely a pleasant surprise, and I’m sure others will think so as well.

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