Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea from Tea Source

Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea from Tea Source

Close up of Jasmine Silver Needle

The tea contains fairly thick needles with lots of silver hairs on it. Just smelling it before an initial brew, I noticed a nice jasmine aroma. Jasmine Silver Needle is described as being scented numerous times with fresh jasmine blossoms, and it tea smells like it was just scented yesterday. The smell of jasmines are not overwhelming, but its presence is definitely there.

Jasmine Silver Needle Brewing

I  brewed this in a 150ml gaiwan with about 6 grams. I know that many prefer to brew white tea at about 70 degrees for a few minutes. Personally, I like doing shorter brews and with warmer temperature. I think that if its a good tea, it should generally be able to handle higher temperatures. I brew anywhere from 85-90 degrees. I think when brewing light teas such as white or green at higher temperatures, it’s useful to brew it with the lid open so that it doesn’t steam the tea. I usually give it a 10 second flash brew just to help open the needles a little. The first infusion was for 20 seconds. For subsequent infusions, I add an additional 5-10 seconds. I lengthen infusion times based on how the previous infusion was.

Jasmine Silver Needle Liqour

The tea gives off a very pleasant scent of jasmine when brewed. It has a slight viscosity, but its quite smooth. I noticed that flavor didn’t taper off much through the first to the fourth infusion. By flavor, I mean the sweetneess that is to be expected from a white tea. But it was also accompanied with a taste of jasmine blossoms. The blossoms are by no way intrusive, but act as a consistent companion that somehow highlights the sweetness.

Final Assessment

I did eight infusions of Jasmine Silver Needle, and I would say that I really enjoyed it. This is a great tea for having on a summer day. I’m not sure I would drink this everyday during the summer, but having it occasionally helps in adding variety to a week of tea drinking. As I mentioned, while I didn’t find the jasmine blossoms to be too intrusive, I just wouldn’t want to drink jasmine blossomed tea everyday for a week.

Teasource describes Jasmine Silver Needle as ”knock your socks off tea.” I think this tea has many of the qualities that many tea lovers would like, that being lots of aroma and taste that perseveres through out several infusions. Jasmine Silver Needles though  didn’t have the ”chi” or energetic effect that I would get from teas that are seed propagated and allowed to grown wild. I likely notice this more since I’ve been drinking more naturally grown tea lately, and its obvious that this tea definitely has the feel of a plantation tea that provides a consistent taste and aroma, and in that respect it does it quite well. But I wouldn’t say this is a tea that one drinks and has while contemplating things. Its a pleasant tea with an amazing fragrance for a warm day.

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