Maofeng Green Tea from Global Tea Hut

Maofeng Green Tea from Global Tea Hut

Maofeng green tea from global tea hut

Maofeng is Global Tea Hut’s tea for June 2017. Global Tea Hut Members made a trip to Anhui Provence as part of their third annual tea trip in 2017. While in Anhui, they handpicked maofeng tea leaves, and were involved in the drying process. 30 people handpicked the tea leaves over many hours, which resulted in 2 kgs of tea leaves. Global Tea Hut members dried the leaves in a two step process. They held square mesh screens over a flame and slowly dried it. They then proceeded by drying the tea in a basket over a charcoal flame.

The result is a tea that preserves the appearance and smell that is similar to while it was still in the fields. This sample of maofeng has a grass and vegetal smell that is really refreshing, and is a joy to look at. Knowing that so many people were involved in hand processing of the tea also adds to its appreciation.

Recommended brewing method of maofeng

The Global Tea Hut recommends that this sample of maofeng be either brewed as a bowl tea, or using a side handle teapot. I have never tried bowl tea before, so I decided to give it a try. Bowl tea makes the tea experience very simple, stripping everything down to leaves and water. This method removes all the judging and qualifying that comes with brewing methods that require more skill and attention. The result is a more meditative tea session.

I poured in about 80 degree celcius water in a bowl with a few leaves of maofeng. I let it sit for a minute or two before trying it out. The tea has a nutty, sweet taste. This sample of maofeng has a “qi” or energy that is very refreshing. I experienced it like waking up to a warm, summer morning where everything is in full bloom. This tea also has a very good mouthfeel, very smooth. I can understand why bowl tea is recommended for this sample of maofeng. The contemplative experience of bowl tea makes it easier to tune into the qi and mouthfeel. The nice fragrance and aroma will still be there, regardless of the brewing method used.

Final assessment

This maofeng is really a joy to drink during summer days. I have started many days with the intention of drinking another tea, but I find myself adding maofeng to a bowl instead. The energy from this tea is so nice. I only wish I could get more of this tea. Knowing that it was produced as part of the Global Tea Hut annual trip, the uniqueness of the sample makes one appreciate it more. Surprisingly, the sample can go quite a long way. One doesn’t need that many leaves for a bowl tea.

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