Pi Lo Chun Imperial from Tea Source

Pi Lo Chun Imperial from Tea Source

 Pi Lo Chun Imperial close up

I took one look at tea buds and leaves, and I couldn’t ┬ábut notice how soft they are and all the little hairs. Pi Lo Chun Imperial from Tea Source feels quite delicate and this creates a sense of anticipation. This is definitely a first flush tea. Pi Lo Chun is one of the most famous green teas in china, and this particular sample is the highest grade.

 Pi Lo Chun Imperial brewing

Brewing Pi Lo Chun Imperial

I brewed 6 grams in a 150 ml gaiwan. I don’t do tea rinses of green teas anymore because it doesn’t seem necessary. A tea rinse is especially not necessary for a green tea that is this delicate. I just slightly lengthen the time of first infusion. This means that the first infusion can be anywhere from 20-25 seconds.

The tea is described as being like springtime in a mountain meadow. I think this is accurate, but I find it difficult to describe its unique flavor. Unlike many other green teas, its not really very vegetal. Its slightly grassy, and it really isn’t in your face like a long jin. The first two infusions does have something I would describe as being slightly floral. In the subsequent infusions, that floral taste is more mellow. There is also a sweetness as one begins to taste the minerality of the tea.

 Pi Lo Chun Imperial liqour

This sample of Pi Lo Chun really fits in well during the spring time. It has a youthful vigor that matches this season. I ordered a pound of this particular tea from Tea Source, and after the two weeks, I wondered if I had ordered to much. But as time went on, I just found this tea to be quite satisfying to drink while at work. I normally have this tea with breakfast at the office before beginning the day, and continue to make infusions throughout the day. I found that I grew more fond of this tea as time went on, as I become more familiar with it and found better ways to brew it.

Final assessment

I think if someone is interested in a green tea, but is generally put off from a vegetal taste, this tea would be a good candidate. Some people also have difficulty drinking green tea because it doesn’t sit well with their stomach. I think this tea is quite gentle and might be a good candidate for those with slightly sensitive stomachs. As I mentioned, this tea is quite satisfying to drink in terms of both taste, aroma, and smoothness

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