How to prepare a yixing teapot for first time use

How to prepare a yixing teapot for first time use

yixing teapot with heart sutra engraving

I recently received a new zisha, electric fired yixing teapot from Global Tea Hut. It’s very beautiful, with an engraving of the Heart Sutra. And the yixing teapot brews great. Due to its high profile, it brews red teas very well, but can be used as an all around tea pot. I would just need to scour it every 5-6 months. Since it’s a new teapot, I thought I would explain the preparation of the yixing for first time use.

Preparing the yixing teapot for first time use

The yixing came with a handy set of instructions on how to prepare it for first time use, as well as a loofah. A loofah seems to be a sponge like material that is made from natural fibers.

yixing teapot with loufa, used for preparing for first time use

The first step is to run the yixing teapot under hot running water for a few minutes. While doing this, one scrubs both the inside and the outside of the loofah.

yixing teapot, soaking with hot water

After scrubing the yixing teapot with a loofah, one then fills it with hot water for a few minutes. And thats it, the yixing teapot should be ready for use. I would recommend saving the loofah because it can be used for scouring it later, if one decides to use the yixing for brewing many types of teas. Its a common misconception that a yixing should be dedicated to only one tea, or one class of tea. While this is a possibility, one can use it for multiple teas as long as one scours it every 5-6 months.


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