Review of Global Tea Hut

Review of Global Tea Hut

Global Tea Hut is a monthly magazine that ships a tea of the month with every issue. There are many tea subscriptions that are available elsewhere, but Global Tea Hut is not really a tea subscription. The tea sample that is sent out is less than what one would get from a tea subscription. The focus of the magazine is more to create an educational experience, not only in terms of tea, but also tea culture. They also try to create a global community of tea drinkers.

I started a subscription with Global Tea Hut recently and have been ordering tea baskets from them. I would say that I am quite happy about the tea experience concept that they are providing.

Tea as part of a tea education

I mentioned that Global Tea Hut is not a traditional tea subscription service. One receives a small sample, but this sample is highlighted in that month’s magazine. There is information on how the tea is grown and where it is grown. There is also a a suggestion of the brewing method to use. Though there is not direct instructions on how to precisely brew the tea (e.g. infusion times, temperature, etc). I suppose that this is something one learns through experience. In this sense, the tea education provided is for those that want to have greater tea appreciation.

Tea is a great beverage, but is also something that has been intertwined with culture and philosophy. The Global Tea Hut magazine is called “Tea and Tao”, giving a nod to taoism. Global Tea Hut sprinkle the tea drinking experience with flashes of taoism and zen. Those that are more interested in the contemplative aspects of tea drinking will enjoy what the Global Tea Hut offers. Otherwise, one can read and glance over those areas that are of less interest.

Tea preparation that is part of a lineage

The Global Tea Hut is connected to tea lineages that brew may different methods. If they could be summarized, they relate to gong fu tea brewing and bowl tea brewing. Those that are interested in learning how to make a finer cup of tea can find support of a tea lineage. By having clear guidelines of what one aims to produce and through which means, one can slowly improve one’s technique.

Living Tea

Living Tea is a subset of organic tea. It is often seed propagated. Living Tea focuses on more aspects of tea drinking than just taste and aroma. This includes things like mouthfeel and “Qi” or energy. In the way that Global Tea Hut presents Living Tea, it is also intertwined with the philosophical and contemplative aspects of tea drinking.

To learn more about Living Tea and how it differentiates from plantation tea, read this previous article.



A community of tea drinkers

There is something very interesting about having people from all over the world drinking the same teas of the month. This contributes to the name “Global Tea Hut.” ┬áIt creates the sense of a ongoing tea session that goes beyond international borders and time zones. Those that are interested in what the Global Tea Hut presents, they can meet with other tea drinkers in Taiwan at the “Tea Sage Hut.” Part of the purpose of the magazine is also to raise funds for a center that will one day provide tea education, food, and boarding free of charge.

The Global Tea Hut also has a phone app. Tea drinkers can connect with each other there by posting and commenting about their experiences, and their tea practice. This contributes to the overall feeling of a global community


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