Sheng Puer Yin Hao from Tea Source

Sheng Puer Yin Hao from Tea Source

Sheng Puer Yin Hao from Tea Source, broken up

This sheng puer cake from Tea Source comes from the Nenghai Liming Tea factory. The Liming Factory, according to Yunnan Sourcing, has established itself for being a safe and organic brand. This is a big plus for those that want safe tea. This can be particularly reassuring for those that want to source puer tea, but are aware of potential bad processing and storing conditions within the puer market.

This sheng puer yin hao cake is well compressed. It took some time to break it apart, but its well worth it. The leaves gives off a very fresh and clean scent.

Brewing Sheng Puer Yin Hao

Sheng Puer Yin Hao from Tea Source, brewing

I brewed 6 grams of sheng puer yin hao in a gaiwan. I did a 20 second rinse with water at about 90 degrees celcius. The first infusion than would be for 30 seconds, and subsequent infusions would increase by 5-10 seconds. How much the infusion times increase would depend on how the previous infusion was.

Since the leaves are well compressed, it might be necessary to loosen the leaves a little after the first tea rinse. I sometimes have poured out the first infusion of this sheng puer yin hao if I noticed that the leaves have not opened enough and the infusion is weak. This is a very patient sheng puer. When I have brewed this, I have done at least 9 infusions. I’m sure that its possible to do even more infusions. So I don’t think pouring out a weak first infusion is a waste.

Sheng Puer Yin Hao from Tea Source, liqour

The tea has a very fresh taste, with like asparagus notes. After a few seconds, a nice, sweet aftertaste develops. Even after 5 minutes after drinking this tea, I can still taste the tea and its sweetness. I find this to be a good sign of a wonderful sheng puer.

Final Assessment of Sheng Puer Yin Hao cake

This is a great cake, and I bought another one just for storing. I’m considering buying more because its really a great value, and it will age well. In the part of the Europe that I am in, there is an average relative humidity of 77%. I have noticed that this sheng puer yin hao has already started to age well, developing better taste and deeper color in the liqour. I think that this is a great tea to drink now, and its a good introductory tea for those just getting into sheng puer. Its asparagus notes and its sweet aftertaste makes its a very satisfying tea.

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