Spirit from Global Tea Hut

Spirit from Global Tea Hut

Spirit from Global Tea Hut
Spirit from Global Tea Hut

Spirit is an organic, shou pour made from old growth puer trees. While shou these days is mainly made from left over tea leaves and is of lower quality than sheng, the leaves used for Spirit of are of high quality. Since high quality leaves were deliberately selected, this is already a rare feature of a shou puer. Additionally, its not a fully fermented shou puer. While many shou puers can be fermented through piling for up to 60 days, Spirit is piled for only around 25 days. This skillful piling leads to a tea that has an ability to naturally ferment over time. Spirit also doesn’t have the fishy or pondy taste that fully fermented shou puers have because it is not fully fermented.

Brewing Spirit

Spirit brewed
Brewing Spirit with a yixing

While one could brew this in a side handle pot, its really best brewed in a yixing pot. Specifically, a yixing of a good quality zisha would really do. A yixing with a high profile would work well, but a yixing with thick walls would be best. This would allow the heat to be maintained. Brewing anywhere from 90-100 celcius would be fine since shou puer likes hot water. Shou puer also likes lots of leaves, so Spirit is not an exception.

Since its not fully fermented, I would give spirit a 20 second rinse. Afterwards, a 10-20 second infusion would work well. With fully fermented shous, I might give it 2 rinses. But SpiritĀ  doesn’t seem to require so much rinsing because it doesn’t have a strong fishiness to rinse away.

Compared to fully fermented shous, Spirit is in a class of its own. It has chocolate tastes mixed in with hints of chinese medicinal herbs. The aftertaste is somewhat reminiscent of a sheng puer. Spirit is also very smooth, coating the mouth really well with its viscousicity. And its ying energy is smooth and really drawns one inwards towards the heart.

Final Assessment

Its very appropriate to call this shou puer Spirit. Its ying energy really drawns one towards the heart. Its so unbelievably smooth in taste, mouthfeel, and energy. Everything about Spirit feels clean. If one likes shou puer, then one is in for a treat with Spirit.

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