Wild yixing gongfu red tea from Global Tea Hut

Wild yixing gongfu red tea from Global Tea Hut

Wild yixing gonfu red tea from Global Tea Hut is a variation of a tea that many potters drink exclusively, but it is wild grown. It is one of two teas that is part of Global Tea Huts’ June 2017 expansion pack. The other tea is Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong. The expansion pack is meant to expand one’s knowledge of gongfu red tea, and compliments the qimen red tea (Red Sun Rising).

wild yixing_gongfu red tea from global tea hut closeup

The dry leaves seem to look like small to medium length in size, and are very thin. There is a very fresh, fruity aroma. I began to wonder if the tea leaves were very delicate before processing.

Brewing Wild Yixing gongfu red tea from Global Tea Hut

I brewed this tea using a yixing gonfu teapot because its part of a family of gongfu red teas. In a gongfu tea pot that holds about 120ml, I brewed roughly 2.5 grams of this tea.  For a gaiwan that holds 150ml, I would need close to double the amount of tea. I gave it a 10 second rinse with water at about 90 degrees celsius. The first infusion is done at 20 seconds, and I added an additional 5 seconds to subsequent infusions.


wild yixing_gongfu red tea from global tea hut brewingI brewed 8 infusions, but I could have done more. This is a fairly patient tea.

This tea has a rich red liquour, like the Qimen Red, Red Sun Rising, that I previously tried from Global Tea Hut. There is a nice fruity taste that is quite refined, and is fairly sweet. The tea splashes to the back pallet, and it really makes me want to keep drinking.

wild yixing_gongfu red tea from global tea hut liquour

In the initial infusions, the qi is very yang. It is rising, pleasant, and very refreshing. Though the qi starts to mellow down after the fourth infusion, as the tea’s taste moves more towards the minerality. This tea has a very nice, lingering aftertaste.

Final assessment

The fruitness is very pleasant. I only wish I could get more of this tea in bulk because I would love to drink this everyday. I would love to age this for a few years. I can also understand why the potters would drink this tea exclusively. Its a very patient tea with good qi, and is very satisfying to drink. I think if someone wants an exquisite introduction to gongfu red tea and is a little wary of strong, smokey tastes, I would highly recommend finding a yixing gongfu red tea. Particuarly, one that is wild grown.

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